Average Ejaculated Semen Volume

Fact : the average semen volume ejaculated during the male orgasm : 2 to 6 ml or 0.4 to 1.2 US teaspoons.

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During the male orgasm, the ejaculation happens : it is a processus ejecting a large quantity of semen out of the penis; and we will see later how you can increase this volume with the famous VolumePills .

During this very satisfying pleasure for males (and also for women...), each spurt produces a certain amount of semen. The first and the second are of course the two waves where the most of the semen is ejaculated and during which the peak of the orgasm is reached.

Ejaculation is made of two phases : the first is a reflex controlled by the sympathetic nervous system, and the second is just a spinal reflex. The first step is something like a no return point. During this step, the sperm is mixed with fluids coming from the prostate and other glands (we will not detail here). During the second step, aka the ejaculation proper, the semen comes out of the penis.

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The volume of ejaculate may vary from men to men, and usually contains from 2 to 15 ml. Many factors explain the variation of ejaculated volume. E.g. after a long abstinence, ejaculated volume is higher. Volume is also affected by the duration of stimulation.

Note that with age, we can see a decrease in the amount of semen ejaculated.

The number of sperm contained in an ejaculation depends on many factors, like warmth of testes, hydratation, age, but also the testosterone levels, and nutrition.

Because some of the ingredients contained in Volume Pills are based on zinc, and because zinc has an impact on synthesis of testosterone, it is believed that the kinds of zinc supplements contained in VolumePills can stimulate the testosterone production and therefore the number of sperm !

To finish, some quick facts about ejaculation :

  1. A tablespoon of semen contains from 2 to 7 calories.
  2. The duration of the male orgasm is around 7 seconds.
  3. The average number of sperm cells goes from 40 million to 500 million.
  4. The distance the sperm has to cover in order to fertilize an egg is almost 10 cm (4 inches).
  5. The sperm lifespan once ejaculated : 30 seconds to 6 days (depending on multiple and complex conditions).

Note : to measure the contractions during sex intercourse and ejaculation are usually measured via an anal probe method.

This is why a high level of zinc helps in sperm production and motility, essential in conception, human fertility and stamina. Another testosterone enhancer is Dong Chong Xia Cao, an Asian plant whose bark is also used to protect the heart and liver from certain toxins.

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Remember that zinc is responsible for an healthy sperm and herbs contained in volumepills help to balance and regulate the hormonal levels, in particular the level of testosterone. Zinc will help men suffering from low sperm count and motility to regain a correct sperm structure, and helps in building energy reserves for the sperm by keeping them in a low activity state, reducing their consumption of oxygen.

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