What determines penis size ?

Almost every man is worried about the size of his penis to a certain degree. For some, it could really turn to obsession. Who is going to receive the big penis award and gain total respect ? Even if we do not have a clear answer to this question, we would like to disprove some rumors and totally incoherent facts.

So what determines penis size ?

A lot of rumors has grown around factors that could determine the size of the penis. Lots of assumption and exaggeration. Lots of rubbish mainly. This is why we would like to make things clear and investigate a bit the subject.

What could determine the size of the male human penis ? We would like to investigate two options : the penis size versus the race and the penis size versus the height.

Penis size vs race debate.

Many men still believe there is a clear link between the different races on this planet and the size of their penis. You know that kind of stereotype : all black guys have huge penises. Why ? Is it because the friend of the friend of your best friend had first hand information ? Or did you see some porn vids where all black male stars have big penises ? And ergo you think all black guys are huge...And by the way you think that Asians have been handed the short end of the stick, and have the smallest penises ?

A white male could feel comfortable with that, especially if he believes that all black men have huge penises. In fact, there are differences, but not as big as you think. Fortunately, we can provide you with some datas and scientific facts !

Why do you think white men think that black men have bigger penises ? In fact, when Europe started to interact with Africa 2-3 centuries ago, the white culture promoted the idea that black males are hugely endowed and that it makes them somewhat closer to animals than humans. This was also to prove the inferiority of black people. Since Frantz Fanon study, it is proven there is no link between black men and big penises. However, the myth is still alive and not ready to die !

On the pther side, the World Health Organization provides condoms manufacturers with firm norms and specifications and here are the widths specified for condoms :

  1. Europe : 5.2 cm
  2. Africa : 5.3 cm
  3. Asia : 4.9 cm

So, yes differences exist but they are statistically small.

Conclusion : the race does not determine the penis size.

Are you unhappy with the size of your penis ?

Some methods can help ! Methods based on pills and patches, both combined with manual exercises. Always look for synergy when you want to enlarge your penis. We mean : purchase products that combine different approaches : eg pills and exercises or patches and exercises.

And remember, black white or Asian men are almost the same when we compare the sizes of the penises.

Is there a link bewteen height and penis size ?

Many people believe that penis size could be related to the size of ears, nose, hand or foot. In 2002, the British Journal of Urology conducted a study on more than 100 men whose feet ranged from 8 to 13. This study demonstrated that there was no correlation between the penis size and the size of the foot.

Conclusion 1 : penis size doesn't follow the same rules as bones and muscles.

But even it is true to say that the development of the penis embryo inside the womb is controlled by the same genes as limbs, there is no clear comparison between limbs size and penis size. It is indeed very unlikely that the size of two different and not linked organs would be controlled by the same genes or hormones. Of course, mankind will always share that kind of thinking, even if science disproves them all.

Conclusion 2 : you could be a tall guy with a small penis.

What are you waiting for ? You can have a smaller than average penis even if you're a big guy ! But do not worry, there are many herbal ways you can use to grow your penis !

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