Zinc and Sperm Production.

zinc and sperm productionDid you know that zinc has a dramatic effect on sperm production and quality ? Did you also know that zinc increases the number of sperm in semen and the sperm motility ?

Zinc, under its oxide or gluconate form, is the most tolerated form of zinc human body can absorb. Zinc aids in sperm quality and motility and is a very important asset in the production of testosterone.

As zinc is essential to the body and is absent in many modern diets, supplements are frequently required to restore an adequate level in the body.

Combined to L-Lysine, zinc reacts and helps in sperm production. The folic acid, commonly used during pregnancy to prevent birth defect, and zinc help men suffering from fertility problems in producing an healthy and more concentrated semen - according to scientific researches conducted by the Nimègue University.

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Because some of the ingredients contained in Volume Pills are based on zinc, and because zinc has an impact on synthesis of testosterone, it is believed that the kinds of zinc supplements contained in VolumePills can stimulate the testosterone production and therefore the number of sperm !

This is why a high level of zinc helps in sperm production and motility, essential in conception, human fertility and stamina. Another testosterone enhancer is Dong Chong Xia Cao, an Asian plant whose bark is also used to protect the heart and liver from certain toxins.

Other components contained in VolumePills are pure herbal ingredients, all FDA approved and totally safe, they help regulate the blood flow whose healthy functioning is so important for longer and harder erections. Moreover, VolumePills contain two very special and trademarked ingredients destined to boost blood flow inside the penile area.

Remember that zinc deeply impacts sperm production and quality. This is why zinc is important to male fertility and reproduction. Volume Pills have been designed to combine zinc (zinc oxide and gluconate) and herbal components (e.g. dong chong) with trademarked ingredients (drilizen and solidilin) to produce the ultimate erection and fertility pill. VolumePills only contain safe, FDA approved ingredients and are non prescriptive drugs.


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